Why I think mobile first is a strategy for lazy designers

Websites used the be built desktop first which meant that by the time the website was being optimised for mobile use designers would struggle to make everything fit. It was not unusual to leave out entire portions of the desktop content on mobile. This was a really bad strategy but so is mobile first, and here’s why.

Same problem, different strategy

Designing with the mobile device in mind is not better than designing with the desktop in mind. Designing desktop first doesn’t take in consideration the limits of mobile design, I understand that. I think both strategies are not right. When you design for mobile with it’s limits of lesser internet connectivity, smaller screens and daylight you forget to dream about what is possible on a desktop website.

Thinking about the bigger picture

Why should you think of one device first? It makes no sense, don’t know about you, but I can do two things at once. CSS modules like Flexbox and the upcoming Grid provide ways to make layouts more fluid than ever and mobile devices support more and more intricate features.

Content first

I would like to introduce content first design as the new norm, content should be available on every device and should be the focus point of the design. The layout and design should depend on the best way to display content, after that you can think about the best way to display it on a device. I just think the layout of a desktop website should not be limited by the support of mobile features.