Should I invest in the Cybermiles ICO Token Contribution Event?

This is a question of current ICO’s we have all come to ask ourselves in October 2017, with most new ICO offerings failing to provide adequate support of their tokens when first launched onto trading exchanges and some not even showing any interest in exchange values at all, much to the disgust of many investors. With the result of most trade exchanges offering the tokens at a lessor price than were offered during the ICO stages. This is not a complete failing as most token values do rise from the ashes once the projects are up and running and further developments have been made, and can provide multiple times the initial investment in return. Its always a waiting game, once launched you will either see the token value rise and rise and everyone is happy, or if the values fall on exchange launching, just hold onto your tokens, don’t sell them and don’t move them from the wallet they were issued to (This is in case the company gives away tokens in airdrops after the ICO completes). Consider Holding tokens as a savings plan, and move onto the next project, this is not to say that the tokens will eventually make you profit, but going by the past history of Cryptocurrency, there is a better chance than most that they will in the end provide you with that much sought after profit we all hope for. Most investors now require that their tokens invested in have a $USDT trading account on launch, this is to avoid the BTC value crashes that have occured within almost all of the Altcoin tokens. Without a $USDT trade account there is no safety net should the BTC values decline.

This brings me back to Cybermiles as a project, and if it’s worthy of your investment, one of the key deciding factors for investing in a project is who is behind the project, what is the product, is there a market for the product, do they have a good team installed, do they have a good track record going back 2 or 3 years, have they attracted large investment prior to the ICO offering. Happily Cybermiles covers all of these questions with a resounding YES, which makes investing in the project far more relaxing and reassuring that the team and project are both well positioned to complete their roadmap and product launch with a positive outlook for token future value.

CyberMiles is a “blockchain technology” being developed by 5xlab, which is a blockchain development laboratory. 5xlab is working closely with 5miles, which is a leading “consumer2consumer” marketplace operator with more than “12 million users” in the USA alone. 5miles will be the first platform to use the CyberMiles blockchain protocol, and will also assist 5xlab to develop the technology further. 5xlab has developed a new cryptocurrency based on the CyberMiles blockchain called CyberMiles Tokens, or “CMT”, this will be the cryptocurrency that powers the smart contract modules on the CyberMiles blockchain. “CMT” has been developed to be a highly liquid currency and compatible with many applications, and can also be mined to incentivize participants within the ecosystem.

CyberMiles focus is on real-world marketplace & commercial applications (utilizing smart contracts), including local buy & sell marketplaces, e-commerce, and online auctions. Compared to the likes of eBay and Uber, Cybermiles modular solutions based on smart-contracts will leverage the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, making CyberMiles the preferred infrastructure for commercial applications of blockchain technology.

The highly motivated and intelligent foundation on which this project has been built and lead, is founding CEO, Dr. Lucas Lu, was previously a co-founder and CTO of Light In the Box, a company which went public on the NYSE, and prior to that, Lucas was the first GM of Alibaba’s Taobao Mobile platform, and was the GM of another Alibaba business unit. Lucas received his PhD degree in Partical Physics from SMU in 2005. He worked at CERN when he participated in theoretical and experimental research of Higgs Partical.

For more information visit their website, and read the “Whitepaper”, that’s always important when investing in a new ICO as this gives you detailed information on the whole project including team members and goals set for the project going forward.

Cybermiles will be among the first exciting tokens to launch on the new “ZERO FEE” trading exchange from Cobinhood, the next generation trading exchange going live very soon.

Pre-Registration for the Token Contribution Event has just started and will end on November 21, 0:00 a.m. PST. Signup now and jump into this exciting new project launching soon.