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Robin Linus

Until the business community starts to support a Multi currency acceptance widget/format for payments and not just Bitcoin the cryptomarket will continue to be controlled by mafia styled individuals instead of the good community for which it was designed for. All I ever see is Bitcoin accepted by shops, it’s time the crypto community, helped to encourage and force a multi currency acceptance widget/format which business can easily adopt and make use of. This would mean shoppers could make payment for goods in whatever crypto coin they desired and thus take away the corrupt dominance of certain individuals (The exact type of people that Cryptocurrency was designed to combat) contolling Bitcoin and its negative effects on all Cryptocurrency as currently displayed in the market place and the attempted blackmail being displayed with the threat of 2 different types of Bitcoin which would only result in the most corrupt individuals profiteering and continuing to have a stranglehold on what should be free and fair Cryptocurrency environment.

If a business accepts Bitcoin it should be advised and changed/upgraded to accepting any Cryptocurrency for payment. (If someone created an easy to use technology/widget for businesses to use then surely this would help the Cryptocurrency market and environment to survive without depending soley on Bitcoin which it currently does). This way market adoption of any and all Cryptocurrency and usage would be free and fair for everyone going forward.

Maybe the Nimiq team could provide/create such a solution to businesses around the world and help them to accept not just Bitcoin but all Cryptocurrency for payments of goods and services. I see this multi-currency acceptance as the cure for the Bitcoin cancer.