This is an idea for documentation and community focus in response to Ember’s 2018 Roadmap: A Call for Blog Posts.

Having spent most of my career jumping in and out of the Ember pool (most fun is in the pool,) I’ve had the chance to experience first-hand where frontend frameworks, UI libraries, and web standards are converging on the best ideas coming from the frontend community. …

An example implementation of the ideas presented here is available at cyk/ember-browserstack-example.

For cross-browser testing services, if you fancy the Sauce, you’re in luck, there is an add-on for that. However, if BrowserStack is your jam (their live-testing is top-notch), this guide will help you thru some gotchas when integrating with Travis CI. The goal here is to get your UI tests running on Safari, Firefox, Edge, and IE11 using BrowserStack, as a part of our Travis CI build.

Establish local testing, then ember test

BrowserStack + Testem integration examples tend to suggest starting and stopping BrowserStack Local inside of the Testem’s and hooks. Normally, this is okay. But, as far as I can tell, an internal server must be started only after a BrowserStack local connection is established. Because the Ember CLI test command starts the test server then runs Testem those hooks are invoked too late. …

Learnings from a few hackathons

Over the last couple years, I’ve been able to participate in a few online hackathons, both solo, and duo. During that time, I’ve amassed notes on approaches that worked well and not so well. This is a distillation of these notes!

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Suuuuuuperboys hacking on Chat Noir

Myth of “Last Day to Polish”

At the start of every hackathon, when things are going smoothly and the future is bright, there’s this feeling that there will certainly be a block of time on the last day where I can sit back, relax, and polish everything up. …


Cy Klassen

Builds web apps. Ember.js enthusiast. Thinking about software-assisted flourishing. https://cyk.im

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