This is excellent advice for matters of opinion or belief or judgement, even ideology or politics.
Rick Fischer

I agree that people often don’t argue facts, but opinions. If you Google Greenland Temperatures, as I just did, you will find that Greenland is a not-quite-balmy 50 degrees F in the summer. Ice will certainly melt at that temperature unless you finally managed to find Vonnegut’s Ice 9.

So, while it might be cold in February, like many places in the northern hemisphere, it does warm up in the summer. And when scientists report that the glaciers of Greenland are melting (which they are), they don’t mean right this very minute, but that the glaciers are, in fact, being reduced in overall volume much more quickly that can be expected given their trends over the last several decades.

I applaud your desire to check facts, but perhaps you should take a moment to double check.

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