Dallas Cowboys

Off-Season Concerns

We all knew this day would come, So now we are trying to figure out what positions do the Dallas Cowboys need to address?

Wide Receiver — will be the first position we’ll talk about. With Terrance Williams now coming up on his first Free-Agent off-season he’s going to be expected to test the market for a big payday. Williams who was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 NFL draft, has accumulated 2,791 yards 20 touchdowns with an average of 15.8 yards per reception. Williams has solidified himself as the №2 option for the Cowboys, all though his consistency has been questioned throughout the years, I for one feel like the good outweighs the bad. Some fans love to criticize Williams due to some in game mistakes at crucial moments, for instance the first game of the season, With 12 seconds to play and no timeouts, Williams caught a short pass from Dak Prescott at the Giants 48-yard line. With an obvious opportunity to pick up several more yards and go out of bounds, he instead cut the ball up the field, effectively ending the game. Had Williams gotten out of bounds the cowboys could have attempted a 56-yard Field Goal from Dan Bailey to possibly end the game and get the Cowboys a win against the division rival NY Giants.

I for one love to bring up the fact that he saved the Cowboys in 2014 with an amazing sideline catch from Tony Romo, Down three points and facing a 3rd-and-20 from the Dallas 31-yard line with four minutes and 53 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Romo scrambled around in the backfield to keep the play alive finds Williams cutting across the field to connect for a 23-yard catch, the Cowboys then march up the field scoring a touchdown and winning the game 27–23.

So with Williams hitting the free-agent market he’s showed he can be a valuable addition to a team in need of wide receiver help, the question is can the cowboys afford to keep Williams on the payroll with another Cowboys receiver hitting the market also in Brice Butler? (We’ll talk about Butler in our next discussion).