Defense Top Priority For Dallas

Major concerns for the Dallas Cowboys defense this offseason, The pass rush has been a weak spot on this team for a while. Finding a consistent rusher is not easy, especially when you look at what has happened lately to the players drafted. We all know Randy Gregory, whom the Cowboys drafted in the 2015 NFL draft in the 2nd round (60th overall)will miss the entire 2017 season due to an alleged missed drug test. Gregory has played a total of 14 games in two seasons let that sink in… On the bright side Gregory showed lots of potential during his time played, I look at it as something to be optimistic about, he just has to do the right thing off the field and learn how to be a better professional.

Terrell McClain signed as a free agent in 2014, had a good season tallying 2.5 sacks to go along with 2 forced fumbles and 21 tackles in 2016. He showed he could stay healthy and be very effective on the defensive front, set to hit the free agent market, He should be a top priority to sign hopefully the price tag is reasonable.

Brandon Carr drafted in 2008 by the Kansas City Chiefs signed to the Cowboys in 2012 on a five year deal, Carr totaled 61 tackles and one interception last season but throughout his career he hasn’t missed a game he’s played in 552 games, at this position that’s a valuable asset to have on your roster. At age 30 Carr will most likely be looking at getting his last payday so the question is will the Cowboys be willing to bring Carr back on a deal that could benefit the both of them?

The Cowboys need to do whatever they can to resign their guys, and address the pass rush this offseason whether it be in free agency or the upcoming NFL draft, that’s the most important key to winning and solidifying yourself in this league by being a dominant force on defense.

Next time we’ll discuss the backup QB position going into the season.