All Asians are Bad Drivers: Exploring Unconscious Bias and Racial Stereotypes
Aman Litt

When you said the short answer is “no” I stopped reading. I live in Toronto by Yonge and Finch aka Korea town, I have been driving for 12 years, my job is delivering items from my car, I drive 200–300kms a day, I can easily tell you the short answer to “are Asians actually bad at driving” is a “yes” . They have no respect for other drivers on the road, they don’t care about other drivers on the road, they drive 5km under the speed limit, they slam their brakes on yellow lights, they don’t turn left or right when the light is turning from yellow to red, they don’t respond to you if you are not Asian, they take forever to park, they don’t check blind spots when changing lanes, they don’t help anyone if they are stuck on the side of the road, they never acknowledge their wrong doings, and I can keep going but I have work. What I wrote right now is true, maybe not 100% of Asians but definitely more than 50% are like this