Re-gifting the “Greatest Gift”

Mom and Dad’s greatest gift has been their love.

As another New Year begins, I think back to the most memorable gifts my parents gave me. My mind first wanders to my first Barbie or that blue Schwinn bike I got for my 8th birthday. None of those are around anymore. In fact, every day I feel I need to give more things away. So, what gift has truly endured?

It is said that the greatest gift is love. Without question, the most enduring gift has been my parents’ relentless, unconditional support of education and courageous endeavor. It is how they showed their love.

Still an inspiration

Inspired by my Mother’s love of languages, I created a program called STORYWORLD to help others learn a language with greater joy and ease. Following my Father’s entrepreneurial spirit and advice: “Make it happen…” I’m working to bring this new endeavor to life.

At STORYWORLD, our interactive bilingual storybooks are created to share a love of reading and language with parents and children all over the world! As we say, “Read a book. Learn a language.”

Today, I want to thank my parents as I work to re-gift their ‘greatest gift’ .

Cynthia Harrison Barbera is Founder and CEO of STORYWORLD International, a growing interactive library of bilingual interactive books, currently in Spanish-English and Mandarin Chinese-English.