I am left to wonder

If there were no clocks
would I be more aware of each passing moment
placing less responsibility on the spin of the earth
would I mark each breath as sacred
and embrace a keener sense of the experience?

Would I take less for granted?

With so much within a finger’s reach
would I acknowledge
that each down feather,
each tea leaf, every grain of sugar
has an origin, a journey of its own?

When crossing your path
will I bother to really look at you?
Will I marvel at all the genetic possibilities?
Will I understand our connection
even if we’ve never met?

Will I learn to pay attention
before I need to be reminded?

And when it’s over
with clarity that’s granted only to beginnings and endings
will I be able to recount every vibrant moment
and stitch them together
in the story of my life

and ask the question that each should ask,
“Is it beautiful?”

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