You WILL Fail. Often. 3 Things To Know NEXT.

As a fellow creative or small business owner, you probably have some pretty big plans for your business and your life. Goals + milestones you hope to hit by a certain timeframe. Good on ya. Yay. BUT you should know this…

You will fail. Often. You’ll get better… and you’ll fail again. Just so you know.

FAILURE: Getting stock images taken for your website and having your entire right boob and nude bra hanging out. EPIC MOTHAFUCKING FAIL. And still…life goes on.

I’m pretty hard on myself when I fail. But here’s the deal: no one cares. Often times, we are our worst critic. We may as well ALL get used to it.

The truth of it is this: failing at a goal does NOT make you a failure.

In fact, it’s pretty fucking normal.

There are 3 main realities of failure:

  1. Failure ain’t fun. (“No shit, thanks Cyndie.”) I know, but I’m serious. Failing at something we were really excited about sucks. A LOT. And so it feels shitty for a minute or ten. But let’s not also beat ourselves up for feeling shitty on top of it, ok? Respect the negative feelings, honor them, and thank them for helping you recognize a change can be made. Then…move the fuck on.
  2. Failure is part of a success plan. Most great successes have experienced monumental failure. JK Rowling, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg — they were all told they would never be what they wanted to be by people who (seemed) to hold the key to the gates of success in their fields. But guess what? They did pretty damn OK anyway. Failing means you are going after something instead of sitting on your ass in the sidelines. Don’t be a sideliner, those people never get anyway. Bless them. BUT YOU…You are well on your way. Keep fucking going!
  3. Failure teaches you limits. When I failed at my launch goals for my business, I sat back and told myself story after story about how I should’ve done things differently, invested more money, talked to the right people etc. But having failed taught me about my limits. These are not limits that I needed to beat myself up about, but instead, habits that I’m now aware of that can be supported differently. I am not 100% in control of outcomes, even when my business is concerned. I needed to surrender and let that shit go. And P.S. When I did (I mean, really did), my business picked up. Immensely.

When you’re aware of these realities around failure, it can help you move forward and keep kicking ass. Just know that you WILL fail. It’s part of the process. Rarely is there a prototype of anything brilliant that has ever been created on the first try. ***Did you know that James Dyson (the vacuum guy) tried that bagless vacuum 5, 126 times before he succeeded to make what we now know as a DYSON? Yea, exactly. When have you EVER tried anything that much before quitting? After 2–3 times, I’m usually over it.

But seriously, when you truly believe in something, you have to keep going…keep trying, keep pushing through…until that shit becomes the next motherfucking DYSON.

Keep at it, keep failing and keep getting back up. I’m rooting for you from Brooklyn (nude bra and all.)

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and questions on this so do reach out or leave a comment below.

CYNDIE SPIEGEL is a Brooklyn-based small business consultant, coach, and speaker focusing on strategy for creative entrepreneurs and brands. She’s also the founder of The Collective (of Us), an on-line accelerator and community for women small business owners. She spent fifteen years on the business side of the NY fashion industry prior to transitioning her own career into a successful coaching practice.

Find out more at or @cyndiespiegel on Instagram and Facebook.