Shut up and listen
Brooke Butler

I hear you. It is absolutely reasonable to be suspect of an old white woman saying she can fix it. It’s also very reasonable to be suspect of an older white man saying the same thing. In this case, this particular older white man scares the hell out of me.

I beg you to please continue to listen to what Hillary has to say and learn ALL that she has done in the past for the African-American Community. She was doing positive things before you and quite possibly your Mom, were even born.

Now, compare and contrast Hillary and Trump. You don’t have to dig very deep before realizing the one that doesn’t cater to the Alt-Right is Hillary. The one that didn’t openly discriminate against African-Americans before you were born was Hillary.

Sure, she wants to keep parts of her life private, which results in things like private email servers and pneumonia. Nobody’s perfect. But, between the two candidates, I whole-heartedly recommend voting for Hillary. I hope you’ll give her a chance.

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