I feel like I am half way there and in no time at all…

yes, this is started with a lower case sentence — cause it is partway through my thought processes — you see I have been attempting to share my heart with people online for about 3 to 5 years and really focusing on it more and more this past year — seeking to get clarity of who I want to reach and what connecting with me would give as benefits to the reader… and I am getting way closer!

see one of the things that I get stuck in is the technical and getting it all set up so it will all work together seamlessly and to tell ya the truth there have been jagged edges — unfinished work completely and few lovely hems here and there but nothing felt finished or was working seamlessly — so now I have found that imperfection can be beautiful and I am going to embrace the fact that I can not fully get this working the way I want and now is the Moment Embraced and I am going to Live a ME Life…

and… I am inviting you to come and join me — yes our lives are not neat little seamless packages — they are messes — they are moments entwined and twisted but they are OUR moments that we have the blessing of sharing with other understanding runners — we are in this race called life and we are given the option to run alone or share the journey — and in long races there are times of both! No matter what stay in the race — need some company for a little while — then yep… I will come and run/walk along side (crawl if we have too!) — Let’s encourage one another to keep on keeping on and help each other get stronger through love and inspiration!

beBOLDyou — where we teach you to Live a ME Life so we can share OUR Journey to strengthen and encourage others to rise from mud entrenchment to meteoric excellence! Whoohoo! Now that is a message that will preach!

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