Show Up! What exactly does that mean?

I had to come and ‘show up’ to share this with you real quick before I head off to bed.


I am in a course and one of the things that the instructor uses is the phrase, if you show up I will meet you half way. I used to think that meant I had to be there everyday. I had to never miss an opportunity to be in the limelight.

Well, in January I experienced a head injury and by the middle of February it was evident that there were some things my brain was not processing correctly. I found myself having to cut back on EVERYTHING! Including my time here online. I have not posted much on my social media channels. I have not posted any blogs. I have not completed the editing of my book which I wanted to have released by now. I had to pull back from every community volunteering positions. By mid March (at the time of writing this in the now) I am finding myself pulling back from even more. Yet, I am getting things done. I am now starting to post on my Social Media channels again but with more of a purpose… I have a desire to share at a deeper level with people who connect with me on these channels. I am learning to say NO that is true but I am also learning to say YES — WITH FOCUS! This has been a real struggle and to be honest it is now a struggle cause my brain finds it very difficult. Before it was only difficult cause I am a multi passionate creative being who wanted to do it all right now and was in fear of missing out! One thing that I can tell you is by pulling way back and letting go of 95% of what I was doing I am finding myself when doing the 5% able to fully BE in the Moment and that is what I would say it is to “Show Up” — It is not being everywhere all the time… it is truly BEING right where you are in this very moment!

There is an energy that comes and is life giving when you ‘show up’ in this way… So thus my wee little article is being written and published with you… And now you know the idea behind the graphic on Facebook that I have also included here.

And if you are not already connected on Facebook — come on over and let’s get to know one another… One thing that the people who comment on my page know is that there I will continue to “show up” for them and encourage and cheer them on to their own success! Life can be positive and you have the power and ability to ‘Speak Life’! Whoohoo!!! So, I encourage you to “Show Up! The World Needs Your Energy!”

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