Testing The Simplicity of It All!

Have you ever started something and thought, “Wow! That looks so easy!” and you find out rather quickly that it’s not easy at all! It may be simple to someone but to you — There is a this disconnect of how it works and how the steps all fit together and how to take the step by step movements that will move you forward and you get stuck and stop moving… Yep I do this all the time — but I don’t stay there… I do yes, take a short rest — regroup my mind and my emotions and reign them in if needed and let them flow for a bit first can sometimes help the release of pent up frustration to be let go… so embrace the moment of emotion just for a moment… Trade Mountainous Emotions for Moments Embraced! You can do it and you can keep moving just like I am — yes, this is a test blog but hey I have discovered I must let what flows…do just that flow — sometimes I get to bask in it for a moment like a cool water of peace and tranquility and other times it is like a rushing river where I am either in the boat being carried to my next adventure or peaceful moment or I am in the waters being washed and the rough edges being worn away. In all cases as long as I am holding onto the rock or standing on it… I am safe… Come along let’s go through the waters of life together and enjoy the journey as we share the Moments Embraced! Blessings Living the ME Life!

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