Are you afraid of police officers with guns?
Bill St. Clair

And, side note, if you actually do your research……..EVERY DAY a “law abiding gun owner” turns into a murderer. It just takes one day, and one incident. Every day in America a man who, until that day, was a perfectly normal law abiding gun owner turns his gun on his partner and family. EVERY DAY. It’s not mad men that are murdering daily. It’s normal, law abiding gun owners who have one bad day and too many guns. They aren’t lunatics. They are normal people who come on forums just like this and argue about their 2nd amendment rights and then one day they shoot their wife and kids and themselves. It happens every day. ITS NOT MADMEN MURDERING OUR KIDS. It’s normal gun owners. THATS why we need radical change in gun laws now. Because of law abiding gun owners. Not because of madmen.

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