Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid

Worked with a principal who was an ex-psychologist responsible for gross enabling of unacceptable behaviors. PTO donations assured some children free grades, I mean, not even come to your class but get an A free grades. Metro even did away with In School Suspension, which in that school was a good thing. Only inner-city kids got ISS anyway. Sports students and ‘special students” were excused for any infraction. A student painted on my shirt deliberately and never saw ISS or got suspended. He told her don’t say anything and she of course smugly in my face told me they didn’t even get in trouble. Teachers were the only people disciplined in that school. Parents ran the school and students ran the parents. Anyone over 50 teaching had a one way ticket to somewhere else. Those of us over 50 expected some discipline which meant we were not with the expectations of the leadership. Being on the leadership team meant you got to listen to what the principal wanted and relay the information, not actually have any input. Should’ve read the writing on the wall when 1st day at the workshop a 20 year teacher in that school asked was he going to back us up. She was first on his hit list, gone to another school. The school board has an employee relations representative, you would think from that title they represent the teachers. No siree they are there to back up whatever lie their principals tell. Put it in writing and it must be true. Well than speak to your Union Representative they have legal representation. Refer to the part where Administrative lies are backed 100% even by the Union Representative you pay dues to represent you.