The Use Case of LinkedIn

I need to get this off my chest 🤔

For me, LinkedIn is a place where professionals connect and share their minds about their vocation and connect professionally with like-minded people. As LinkedIn grew in its user base, I hope it won’t be a place where people use it abusively. There are 2 things that this platform has been abused in its use case.

1. LinkedIn is not Facebook

Maybe your Facebook timeline is similar like mine. My timeline is filled with posts from those political news (with the worst kind of people commenting on it) to the unending recipe videos one after another with a wiggling corgi butt video in between. You realised that you just spent 2 hours on Facebook just by scrolling its timeline.

Whether you’re left-wing or right-wing, whether you’re Pro-Jokowi or Anti-Jokowi, LinkedIn is definitely not the platform for you to channel your opinion and criticism. I saw people bashing in the comment section about their political difference.

Please, don’t do this on LinkedIn. Do it on Facebook.

2. LinkedIn is not Tinder

Hey you, I found your profile very interesting. I am interested in you. Do you mind we get to know each other more. Your eyes are so beautiful, it caught my attention beyond LinkedIn.

This is an example of how some guys messaged some of us on LinkedIn. You know that, ladies. (Not sure about guys though.)

I receive some of these messages and heard stories from friends on how creepy some people can be. Even if you told them that you are married, they still don’t stop at it. I heard a story that a guy messaged via inMail and disguising it as a professional meet up — when it was actually a date. How bizarre!

Please, don’t do this on LinkedIn. Do it on Tinder.

Instead, do things like sharing and commenting on LinkedIn relatively about your vocation, encourage your connection on their 5th year work anniversary or maybe share a photo where you just did a workshop with your peers where you were the speaker! Now that’s appropriate and makes LinkedIn’s environment pleasant for all to use 👍

So what’s LinkedIn for you? What feature did I miss? How can I grow professionally and using this more wisely? Happy to hear your thoughts!

PS: This is just a random rant, and there’s no intention on promoting LinkedIn, Facebook nor Tinder.

Ok, back to work.

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