A designers guide to creating logo files
Logo Geek

This is a great overview and a great reference for learning designers.

I’d like to share how I provide a final logo suite to a client below. Clients often struggle to understand what files are for what and why, even when you spell it out for them (which you should always do). I keep things a bit simpler and eliminate any redundant file types and only include the barebones files that another designer would need to use or the client would for internal purposes. Just as in writing, so is in design: K.I.S.S.

Vector (EPS + SVG)

  • CMYK
  • SPOT
  • black or single color (if necessary)
  • knockout (if necessary)
  • greyscale (if necessary)

Raster Files (in RGB)

  • PNG

Logo Variants (optional)

  • Lock-up variants
  • Smaller size variants

Logo Suite Light Reference Guide PDF and/or web page

  • include a visual of each file with the appropriate file name (make sure file naming conventions are consistent and clear)
  • explanation of usage for each file type (when to use one instead of the other)
  • color palette breakdown (cmyk, spot, rgb, hex)
  • usage guidelines for logo placement (not to be placed on top of patterns, must be the symbol width and height from other elements in a layout, etc.)
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