Fuck you, you imperialist fucks. Am I Supposed to believe that you give a fuck about me? Do I look that stupid to you? No wait, don’t answer that. I don’t expect you to understand. You, up there in your ivory tower. Olympians, hoping their half-blood children will continue to defend them and suckle at the tit of power. Dangling dreams of Godship from good deeds, heroes to your imperialistic needs. Go fuck yourself. The Elysium fields are not my thing. Blissfully prancing around a river of dreams. Give me death, a river of death. I’d gladly float aimlessly in oblivion if it means one more chink in your proverbial chain has been bolt cut free. Dangling, dangling, how much distraction will you emit? Protecting your unbearable desire for higher power. When it all comes crumbling down, you’ll be fed to the wolves. Destruction will come willingly. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Listlessly bleating our way through the infinite multimedia traps. Hello, my name is Cynical K and I’m a socialmediaholic. It’s been 25 minutes and 52 seconds since I last checked my Facebook, 12 minutes and 43 seconds since I checked my Twitter, 5 minutes and 23 seconds since I checked my Instagram. My cell phone finally had an emotional breakdown from the year of serious abuse she endured. I tried everything. But she’s shut down. I think I heard something about a pipeline. But I can’t seem to hear over the crowd screaming about Rob Ford and his crack cocaine. Senate scandal? No, I’m pretty sure it’s just a Rob Ford thing. Who let the McMayor run the city? Bobbing his head, bobbling, bobble head. Yes, I would like to purchase that Rob Ford Bobble head. He’ll smile at me and mockingly bounce his head seemingly rhythmic to the beat of my darling civic. He’s got a buddy, bobbling his noodle, Ford and Buddy Christ point me in the direction of the future. And what a future that will be. Does anyone feel like noodles tonight? I have this sudden urge for Chinese food. Such a fine cultured country we have, diversified. Oh, you’re opposed to immigration? I suppose you are opposed to progress too. Wild West.

(Written in 2013- seems appropriate this weekend)