I’ve decided.

Questions I will ask on my next First Date:

  1. Who are your core group of friends, older brother figures, and mentors? Describe their influence in your life and why they are who they are to you.
  2. Provide one example that demonstrates your commitment (or lack thereof) in relationships. Tell about a time when you struggled with maintaining a specific relationship and how you overcame this difficulty.
  3. Have you ever been unfaithful to a significant other? Why? What’s different now?
  4. Do you tend to ask your friends to hang out? Or do you wait for others to initiate? How do you feel about museums or musicals? What are important factors for you to include in a date?
  5. Why do you think you are able or ready to be in a dating relationship right now? If you are not, why are you even talking to me right now? Go away.


I might be sightly jaded about love and dating. But ya know what, I am who I am.

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