Cynthia Bassett Hartwig
Cynthia Bassett Hartwig

From Hennepin County in Minnesota, Cynthia Bassett Hartwig is a strategic thought leader and the CFO of a biomedical research company. She works for Fluxion Biosciences in Alameda County, California, as the company's chief financial officer. Bassett Hartwig works as a finance expert in Minnesota and California. She is a native of the North Star State and spends most of her time in the vibrant city of Minneapolis.

She pursues various interests and hobbies outside her work and volunteer activities. Her favorite pastimes and interests include swimming, jet skiing, and spending time in nature because she has always loved wildlife.

Role & Tasks at the Moment

The chief financial officer of Fluxion Biosciences at the moment is Bassett Hartwig. The Oakland, California-based Fluxion Biosciences company specializes in biotechnology research, precision diagnostics, and predictive discovery. Fluxion Biosciences provide advanced assay automation solutions for both cell-based and cell-free assays.

The biomedical research company's products are used by laboratories worldwide to speed up drug discovery, investigate novel biology, and customize treatments based on patient-specific biomarkers. Bassett Hartwig, the company's CFO, is directly in charge of all financial operations at Fluxion Biosciences.

Accounting, auditing, corporate finance, investor relations, and treasury are some of these duties. Cynthia Bassett Hartwig is also in charge of managing the human resources, corporate strategy, and business leadership for the biomedical research firm based in Oakland. Elsewhere among CFO Bassett Hartwig's many roles and responsibilities at Fluxion Biosciences are the following:

Compliance with federal, state, and local legal requirements, Establishment, monitoring, and enforcement of internal controls, Management of cash flow, Ongoing streamlining of accounting processes and software integration, Oversight of reporting for external and internal purposes, Planning, direction, and coordination of operational functions, Provision of strategic recommendations to the CEO, Review of formal finance and IT-related procedures, Strategic support of executive management teams, Study of legislation and filing of legal documents.

Career Background

Bassett Hartwig, a well-known strategic thought leader, was a senior finance professional at the Ultralox Interlocking Technology manufacturing firm before joining Fluxion Biosciences.

As a senior finance professional, she was in charge of Ultralox Interlocking Technology's financial reporting, statement analysis, balance sheet reconciliation, and record-keeping.

Dakota County, Minnesota-based Ultralox Interlocking Technology produces high-quality aluminum railing systems. The Eagan-based manufacturing company's railing systems adhere to all national building codes thanks to a commitment to research and development.

Bassett Hartwig ran a prosperous bookkeeping business before joining Fluxion Biosciences and Ultralox Interlocking Technology, catering to the financial needs of numerous clients throughout Minnesota. The company's clients included those in the hospitality industry, manufacturing, construction, and online retail.

Professional Experience

Finance expert and strategic thought leader Cynthia Bassett Hartwig work in Minnesota and California. The Minnesota Board of Accountancy and the California Board of Accountancy granted her a CPA license and certification.

She belongs to the American Institute of CPAs or AICPA. The largest membership organization in the world that represents the accounting industry is the AICPA.

Professional Competence

Bassett Hartwig, a seasoned chief financial officer and former senior finance professional possesses a broad range of in-demand professional skills and competencies. These skills and abilities include account reconciliation, financial reporting, and tax preparation. Altogether, it is an extensive list that includes the following:

Auditing, Budgets, Financial Accounting, Financial analysis, Financial reporting, GAAPGeneral ledgerInternal controls, Intuit Quick, Books, Management, Strategic financial planning, Thought leadership.

Involvement with Charities

In addition, Bassett Hartwig has personally volunteered for several of the causes to which she is most devoted. Bassett Hartwig started volunteering when she was young and still does it now, when she has the time, in both her home state of Minnesota and California, where she works.

Individual Life

The majority of Bassett Hartwig's residence is in Ramsey County, Minnesota. She currently divides her time between the Golden State of California and the North Star State, where she works for Fluxion Biosciences, an Oakland-based biotechnology research company.

She engages in various interests, pastimes, and hobbies outside work and volunteer work. She enjoys various activities, including kayaking, hiking, and spending time with wildlife, technology, and the outdoors.

Cynthia Bassett Hartwig

Cynthia Bassett Hartwig

Cynthia Bassett Hartwig is a strategic thought leader and the CFO of a biomedical research company.