Taylor Swift- Look What You Made Me Do

After many months of not hearing from Taylor Swift, she made her way out of the dark by releasing a single off of her new album Reputation. The song, “Look What You Made Me Do”, along with the music video that was premiered this Sunday at the VMA’s, raised a lot of questions as this was not the Taylor that we all know.

Taylor’s song was supposedly aiming at the feud between her and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, over his reference to her in his song “Famous”. The feud caused a lot of attention as Taylor made claims that she was unaware of what was being said about her in Kanye’s song. As she made herself out to be the “victim,” as many people claimed over social media, Kim stepped in with a video of Kanye discussing with Taylor over the phone about the song’s lyrics. Taylor can be heard saying that the lyrics sound like a compliment, which ultimately caused her claims to become discredited.

Kanye’s Bedspread sculpture from his song “Famous,” shows a naked Taylor laying next to him.

While I am not really a Taylor Swift fan, I know that many of her songs stabs at her past relationship and rumors that surface in the media. However, these songs are well versed and relay messages along with them — this was not one of those songs. She changes her whole style of music completely with dark lyrics such as “I’m sorry the Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh ’cause she’s dead (Oh!),” and child-like antics with her repetitive chorus. While the video was clever and continuously threw shade at its intended audience, watching her play it out and resort to this low is truly disappointing. I believe that Taylor has the ability to write a song that shows her disapproval of the situation in a clever and coherent way. “Look What You Made Me Do” just seemed poorly executed and petty, Taylor has reached a new low with this one.

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