whatever you are feeling discomfort about, there is someone else out there, feeling exactly the same thing. You are never really along in your discomfort.
The Only Time You Are Actually Growing is When You’re Uncomfortable
Thomas Oppong

Hey Thomas, thank you for pointing this out. It’s so common to feel isolated, scared and paralysed by discomfort. It’s bloody horrible sometimes! But knowing there are others that feel the same makes it easier to get through the yuckiness of it all. The best part is pushing through and the exhilirating feeling on the other side! It definitely takes plenty of practice, and gets easier over time. Cheers, for sharing Thomas! P.S. I’d love to know: What’s the most significant discomfort you’ve had in your life? What reward did you get when you rose to the occasion and challenged it? Also, what dialogue goes on in your mind to get you past the discomfort? Thanks! :)

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