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Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

I used to write, sit back, and hope readers would find my writing.

I intentionally chose reputable publications with good-sized audiences.

It’s up to them to spread the word for us writers, I thought.

If we’re not getting read, they’re not doing their damn job!


That attitude told me something about me I didn’t like

Relying on other people to get me where I want to be.
Blaming other people for why I’m not where I want to be.

Feeling frustrated, dejected, and hopeless about this writing gig I so wanted to make work. This gig that takes countless hours that would amount to a ridiculous per hourly rate and hoists me on a rollercoaster of emotions. …

Practical research-backed recommendations shared simply

Illustration: Fruit and vegetables in a blender.
Illustration: Fruit and vegetables in a blender.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

There’s so much advice out there about nutrition. What to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Low carbs, paleo, intermittent fasting, and more. Should we or should we not count calories?

Many of us adults struggle to get the balance right while dealing with the other demands on our lives. Yet what we all know is nutrition matters. So how can we best help our young active adolescents, particularly if they’re training intensely or competitively?

The consensus between much of the research is that athletic adolescents need to get the right nutrition to fuel their growth as well as their performance needs. …

Headline Hacks

Write headlines that make them feel you’re reading their mind

Illustration: Bunny with glasses typing on a laptop.
Illustration: Bunny with glasses typing on a laptop.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

We’ve all done it.

I used to do it all the time.

The biggest mistake marketers and writers can make is to spend a tonne of time and effort on fantastic content — yet write a headline as an afterthought.

It’s like cooking the most scrumptious meal — say a gorgeous eight-hour cooked pulled pork — and slopping it all on a plate. Alternatively, it could be placed on a bed of creamy mash with gravy dripping lusciously and a side of crunchy, cool coleslaw.

We eat with our eyes, and it takes less than a second to decide whether to stay or go. …


Cynthia Marinakos

Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns >> 10 Proven ways to attract more Medium readers: https://bit.ly/3g2e2xx

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