Admit it, the left hates DeVos because she is pro-school choice, which overwhelmingly improves…
Rick Kirk

This is actually not a left/right issue. Most Americans are not partial to DeVos because she is openly anti-public school, which approx. 90% of US schools are. The evidence shows overwhelmingly that school choice has failed to improve educational outcomes for the majority of minority students. Segregation will not help minority students, and that is in part what school choice is all about, which has to be admitted since that is one very evident outcome of school choice. The teachers unions have nothing to do with it, and they also represent large numbers of Republican teachers. Most Americans do not want religion taught in their public schools, not Christian beliefs, nor Muslim, nor Westboro Baptist Church creed, nor Appalachian snake-handler beliefs. If you want that stuff, find a private school, but don’t expect public tax dollars to pay for it. Voucher systems have not worked well where they have been tried since they do not usually cover full costs at choice schools, leaving the most economically disadvantaged students to fall prey to 100% virtual for-profit educations or unscrupulous fly-by-night charters (the ones with no oversight), which is all their voucher affords them. The for-profit charter industry is not called the Wild West of education for nothing. Some forms of charterized education are guises for huge profit-taking by 1% interests. It’s about money and profits, not kids and education. That’s where DeVos is coming from, BUT her ideas failed “bigly” in MI.

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