Traveling too much ruins your life
Alex Barrera

As the fiance of someone who travels extensively by himself for pleasure (5–6 months/year, stretches up to 2 months at a time), I really appreciated this perspective. I only read about how wonderful and fulfilling and soul changing travel is. That’s true, but it doesn’t address people that feel left behind. I still have kids at home; he doesn’t. He works for himself and can do so anywhere there is internet; I have a full-time job with set vacation days. I know he wants me to travel with him, but I can’t right now, not to the degree he does. I don’t want to hold him back from this passion, but I often feel left out and irrelevant. We have to strike a balance of sharing details of his trips (which he does to try and include me) because too much information and I feel threatened by the excitement and change in world view he is experiencing without me. I am very concerned we will ultimately grow apart because we are not sharing these meaningful experiences together. I am happy for you and your wife that you found what was most important to you. I hope my story has a happy ending as well.

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