On Charlottesville: What Do We Do Now?
Mirah Curzer

Thank you so much for this article. You wrote many TRUTHS that need to be understood by ALL Americans if we are at some point in time ever to move beyond the scourge of racism, anti-semitism, fascism and hatred. Here are a few more truths that people need to consider: When African Americans see white men carrying fire lit torches at night in racist formations, this brings back individual family and collective group memories of kkk night riders who were responsible for thousands of lynchings of innocent men, women and children across the South but in the North as well during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. That’s 300 years and counting of domestic terror directed towards one ethnic group, brought to this country FORCIBLY to build America for white people, who stole this land from the Native Peoples of this hemisphere. Also, when the Liar-in-Chief gives any speech talking about “racism being wrong” etc., African Americans laugh with cynicism and DON’T believe him. Why? Because we have heard it all before down through the centuries. Two cases in point: President Linclon was asassinated. Andrew Johnson wasted no time removing the Union troops from the South. Reconstruction ended and domestic terror of newly freed African Americans continued unabated for decades. Around 1920 President Woodrow Wilson hosted a viewing of the racist movie, “Birth of A Nation” in the White House. He was an unabashed kkk supporter. Lynchings and racist terror of African Americans after having gone down for a few years in the early 1900s, began again in full force. So trump and his racist-fascist-neo-nazi cabal are nothing new to African Americans. ALL the rest of you in America who are SO surprised by the events of this past weekend in Charlotte, NC: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND!!

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