Yes, Petty Black Feminists ruined Birth of a Nation
Bridget Todd

You are a joke and a twisted sister who is a man hater. News Flash: As an AFRICAN PEOPLE and yes look in the mirror and see your ancestry on your face, we are going nowhere without our men. They are our Brothers in the Struggle against white racism. You think that because you write for Medium that you have “arrived?” That you are a serious journalist? Rather, you are delusional Sister and need the following types of RE- EDUCATION: Black Political Empowerment Education, African American History Education, Black Stuggles in Amerikkka Education from 1619 up to the present with a focus on the 1800s and 1900s because you don’t get it. African History Education from antiquity to the present because you lack knowledge of self and our accomplishments in this world. You thinking that you could even be a black feminist is ludicrous! Who are you angry at? What man rejected you? What poor choices did YOU make, that you are not holding YOURSELF accountable for? Why hate Nate Parker? He was tried in a court of law and acquitted of raping a WHITE woman and you are angry because for once the criminal injustice system worked FOR a black young man and not against him? duh? What sense do you make? None. You think that because a few of you feminists (hahaha- your name is even a joke) went on a twitter rant and told people that they should not see Birth of A Nation that you did something great? All you did was lie on the film, lie on the people who made the film and make yourselves look ridiculous. Don’t flatter yourself okay. African Americans ARE going to see the film. Some courageous white people too. I live in brooklyn, NY. We are going to see the film. So don’t cheer yet because your movement to HELP white supremacy by actively working against the best interests of African Americans WILL FAIL. This film is an educational vehicle that illuminates a sad but important part of our history and highlights further, the courageous actions of Nat Turner and many others to fight for our freedom, justice, and humanity. Too bad you are too dumb to grasp that point.

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