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Fascists can NOT be made normal through outright lies, misinformation and half-truths written by traitorous journalists looking for a speech writer’s job in the trump administration; and Bannon is more than a fascist. He’s also an anti-semite, a KKK member, a racist, a mysogynist, and a very evil demented man with too much power and access to power. It really doesn’t matter which newspapers or journalists sell themselves out at this point, because they either embrace the “hatred for everyone” that trump expouses or because they are too cowardly to take a principled stand against this hater. Trump will fail as will the corrupt racists that he is bringing into the white house with him. New Flash Racists: There are MORE Americans of good will and common sense that voted for Hillary Clinton as our next president, than those of you who voted for trump. he does NOT have a mandate and WILL BE fought on every stupid racist decision that he makes. Yes partisan politics, street protests, boycotts and other kinds of massive civil disobediance as well as legislative in-action and obstructions (filibuster)are here to stay for at least another two to four years until we force you haters out, restore sanity, equality and common decency. No trump, you and your nasty men will not be grabbing pussys. We are going to get our democracy BACK and we WILL do that- A promise, NOT a threat.

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