Black Students Invested $6 Billion in HBCUs in 2014. And $52 Billion Everywhere Else.
Jarrett Carter Sr.

I’m very disappointed “The Quad” and after reading this article, I doubt if I will continue to watch it. The show is too negative and while I get the point that it is an adult drama, I don’t like the story line- its too convoluted, the dialogue, the characters or the screen play. In fact the only thing I like about “The Quad” is its setting, the AUC. Regarding your point about African American students attending PWIs as opposed to HBCUs, I believe that you are 1000% correct. I am from New York City and well acquainted with this problem. The number of students that attend HBCUs from high schools in this city and state is very low. While that number has increased over the the years, it is still too hard to “sell” going to an HBCU to students and parents from New York. I also agree that whatever the obstacles, it IS our responsibility to find out about the range of HBCUs, their academic programs, strengths and endeavor to send our children to a HBCU college and/or graduate school. If we don’t support our schools, then they will die and if they die African Americans as a self-sustaining, self-educating people will suffer greatly as a result. EVERY self-respecting people in this world have created institutions to educate themselves and it is these institutions that have paved the way for them to have a future. African Americans are NO different in this regard, and we need to stop acting like white people and their institutions will welcome us and educate us forever, better than our own.

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