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No one with a working brain and especially if that person resides in the African American community, has African American friends and/ or relatives is surprised by Jeff Sessions’ racist maneuvers to bring back “stop & frisk,” full blown police brutality, murder, routine disrespect, set ups of innocent people, militarization and whatever kkklan style tactics the police use to keep their boots firmly implanted in our individual and collective backs. THIS is why so many African American organizations and other people of good will and fair thinking opposed him as Attorney General (AG) and this is why he will ultimately embarrass and disgrace this country, himself, and go down in American history as the worse AG ever. He IS a tratorious treasonist russian agent who is moving fast to take down the rights of African Americans, and has already at the behest of the hater in Chief, trump, moved on the Latinos community. White people here is a news flash for those of you who like to live in denial: Sessions is so much of a racist-fascist relic from the bad old days of America’s racisr past, that he will take away YOUR rights and freedoms as well. Why? because he is also a not-so-undercover russian agent who is NOT patriotic and who hates the systems and structures that have actually made this country with all its numerous imperfections, a great country. So you’re next.

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