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Pence is a LIAR and everyone in the Trump cabal are part of the Liars’ Club. Membership requirements: Must be able to lie to the media and American people with a straight face. Must be able to “act” offended when caught in a lie by the media or the American people. Must be able to repeat lies until at least a few people think you are telling the truth- in other words, “tough it out.” Must have NO respect for the truth, and be unable to acknowledge the truth in every situation. Must be able to use lies to change the truth and use the power of one’s position to do so. The GOP wants Pence to be president when kingdonald is impeached and that is actually the next chapter in this sad and terrible UNAmerican story. Pence is the GOP’s poster boy or so they think. Pence will be booted out of the presidency or be a one term president due to HIS alt-right conservative fascist- racist views. He is ALSO out of sync with 21st Century Multicultural Multi-ethnic America just like the kingdonald cabal. His “little house on the prarie” fake oh so christian persona will take him down and WE the People will be the ones to do it. Keep lying for kingdonald Pence. Keep denying the truth and reality with a straight face even though the facts are coming out about YOU being a “coerced” Russian agent sympathizer, who went in league with the enemy Russian government to steal the US presidency. Trump would NOT have had you as his running mate if he and his Russian handlers did not think they could coerce you to sell this nation out- AND YOU DID!!!

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