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Sessions will not investigate Flynn because HE was one of Trump’s legal advisors during the campaign. Which means he himself may have taken a “red eye” flight to Moscow during the campaign to get first hand instructions from his boss Putin. Sessions knows that any TRUE investigation of Flynn will tumble kingdonald’s house of cards and he will go down as having VIOLATED American laws as well. He is going to have a press conference if he is forced to do so by the American people, the media and some members of Congress, and lie to us by saying that Flynn’s treason- traitorous behavior is “not a threat to our national security” and “had no impact on the outcome of the presidential election.” Its a fake script full of lies that Sessions is going to puff his little self up to try to make us believe. We need a “special prosecutor” to handle this and that person will need to have a backbone and a spine. Does such a person like that even exist in this country anymore outside of the millions of people who are unafraid to protest against this fascist neo-nazi racist regime?

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