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The Confederate States of America was a racist entity that had as its leaders, TRAITORS to this nation. They were not and will NEVER be heroes to any American who believes in the democratic values enshrined in the Constitution. To steal people from another continent and bring them to this hemisphere and country to work for free as beasts of burden for the duration of their lives in criminal. No person has a God given or legal right to enslave another human being. The so called Founding fathers were hypocrites because they were also for the most part, enslavers of African people. They were not and can NEVER be considered heroes by any American that recognizes the right of all human beings to exist and live free. Racist depraved treasonous creatures like Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee, Andrew Johnson, Stonewall Jackson, should NEVER have had statues erected in their honor (duh?). What honor is there in being a traitor to your country and willing to kill other Americans, so that you and those of your ilk, could continue to exploit, rape, torture, murder, brutalize, dehumanize and traumatize millions of African people, for your financial gain?

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