What Is The Best Free Way To Promote A Book

I get this question all the time, and it’s amazing how simple the answer is.

Author newsletter swaps.

I’m talking sweet collaborations, my friends.

You have a book you want shared and another author has a book they want shared. The best thing to do is to swap books and share those books with your newsletter.

Say for example you write romantic suspense. You find another author through Facebook groups who also writes romantic suspense. You agree to share her/his book with your subscribers and they agree to share your book with their subscribers.

You can benefit from this in one of two ways.

1.) List building: Share a leadpage links where peeps get your book for free if they sign up for your mailing list.

2.) Sales strategy: Share a link to your perma-free or 99 cent book so you can up sales and sales ranking.

You can also join huge author promotions where more than one author in the same genre is sharing the news about several books either being free or discounted. You either collect email addresses through this promotion or you get more sales. Totally up to you.

I go into lots of detail about this and how to actually do it in my YouTube videos. I hope this helps you out. Please note that you don’t have to have an instafreebie or BookFunnel account to create a leadpage. You can have an opt-in form on your website that costs you nothing to create.

I’d like to note that this method works for businesses looking to utilize free or affordable methods for getting the word out about their services. If you could write or hire someone to write a thirty-page book that solves a problem or fills a specific need within your business niche, offer it as a lead magnet, and use this newsletter swap strategy to get more people to grab it and sign up for your mailing list, you’d find your list and your business begin to grow exponentially.

For more helpful tips on writing, publishing, and marketing your books grab my FREE PDF of twenty writing prompts and check out my YouTube channel Author Journey.

Happy marketing my friends!

C. J. Anaya