Blog #11: Almost failing statistics trying to prove that aliens exist

The CU Sea Level Research group documented with tide gauges of all stages of the ocean’s depth with a arithmetical mean of the hourly tide using the standard for terrestrial and atmospheric elevations. The reductions in snow and ice as the climate changes due to combustion of fossil fuels. Their expectations with the positive linear relationship with water standard deviations to continue to rise over time. This is important to know, because global warming is very real and our ocean is overtaking our planet. The pollution our world sustains is actually changing the course of balance. Our world is quickly approaching a new era that we will be very unprepared for. 

There is no evidence of intelligent alien life for our galaxy and only 5% of mapped ocean. Will we find that our galaxy’s aliens are to be found among us? We once thought the earth was flat so could we find our alien ponderings are to be solved among us?

The Jupiter Moon’s Sea: Let’s not rule out the possibility of E.T. …Nasa has confirmed with observation of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has an oceanic magnetic gravitation pull and surmised that it had a salt water ocean beneath it’s icy surface that is 10 times deeper than our ocean…this leaves researchers with hope for possibilities of life beyond earth.
“We’re measuring the sea surface that is affected by mountains, but we’re seeing only really big mountains, and in a blurry way. The resolution is 15 times worse than our maps of Mars and the moon.”

Things to consider:

Whale falls: When a whale dies it’s carcass sinks to the ocean’s depths supplying multi-cell organisms and sponges with a concentrated food source that could support and form a basis of ecosystems for years to decades.

There are such things as 300 feet deep underwater lakes with animals that only live in the lake not in the ocean above and underwater 
waterfalls that are five times higher than Angel falls (2,428ft). (the movie Up’s waterfall!)

They found 297 new species discovered on just a single column of oceanic volcanic rock.

What have we actually found ?
We have found creatures that look very much like aliens that are usually the works of science fiction. The deep sea having such environmental factors as where the light can no longer penetrate, the temperature is near freezing, and such intense pressure. You would simply assume that nothing could survive there. Yet such creatures that brief flashes of bioluminescence as a means of catching prey have come to inhabit the shadows of the sea. With the countless variations that genetic factors have produced from such extreme places life could form, this could perhaps link to the places that alien existence beyond Earth could thrive.

# of civilizations in our galaxy with which radio communication might be possible. It is not really the solving, but in the contemplation.

Most people believe in aliens-Horizontal Bar Graph Survey 
Considering how no aliens evidence has yet to be found within our galaxy I decided to ask 15 people if they thought intelligent alien life could be possible:
1. intelligent alien life will be found
2. we are completely alone and God will destroy us eventually 
3. infinity exists so microbial alien evidence must be found in past/future
4. other

Analyzing the Pie Chart 
We live in a world that is covered with mostly water. We only know about 5% of our mapped ocean. We do not have instruments that can document to the depth or vastness of our ocean. We find new species every deep sea exhibition. It is a dizzying stupendous new world that we have only begun to explore. If we realize that there is so much more to Earth’s ocean than meets the eye…than maybe we would have a greater understanding that we should take more care of it. 

When 75% of the survey believing without a doubt that aliens do exist, 20% of the survey having some reason of alien existence, 5% with other reason , and 0% believing that God is the divine creator with the beginning and ending of time. It has become a cultural topic that we have familiarized, and we all hope dawns on us someday in a way that we find agreeable. 

We can deduce from the ocean by it’s omega of characteristics and make assumptions about what we can’t understand. The geographical standpoint of an oceans horizon seem limitless; quite like the actual perceptions that we have about the ocean.

There is a lot that we can gather about what we can count on and order. Yet the ocean is still so unpredictable that statistical science is a petty tool in trying to decipher it.

Statistical Science proves that we are world among worlds.

So do aliens really exist?