Blog #9: Standing Rock

My interactive motion graphics spring course has challenged me to make a movie of my own with three interacting motion graphics on a current issue and create a defined concept within my chosen topic. I have thought about what has been mattering out in the world to me the most, and I think it comes down to the major injustice of Standing Rock. This is a preserve that was meant to be sacred, but through the times of modern man we have become entitled to things that were never ours for the taking to begin with. This compelling and tragically undermined issue brings about so much more than stopping another oil line. There is a potential golden age of sustainable energy, in actuality, to be a real possibility. This also brings up so many issues standing within any average protest that we have seen in the United States just in recent events. Horribly enough, when we try and make our statements it just generally disrupts life. There has been police brutality forced upon the people, at any wrong turn. It raises the questions of why this has to be something that is done with such brute force to such a peaceful people. Lines have been drawn, and nobody is respecting them…no one is reaching for a sense of decent humanity. They have reached just an incredible impasse that isn’t either making a statement, but buying someone more time for more money. These are social injustices, and I chose to stand with them in any way, and this project, my donations, and my prayers go out to these people at this time.

Creating something that would personify the effort of who these people are and what they are trying to accomplish, is something I wanted to create with a vigor that combated the injustice with a greater good to the whole fortitude that Standing Rock represents… to these people, our planet, and the history we have endured and forgotten. This creates a standstill in my mind…all the things that need to be represented, fully explained in ways that can be actually understood in a universal sense, and finally how in the hell people find themselves on either side of the line -of what is the truth and what are the lies. People find themselves in these everyday. These are the choices that you consciously or unconsciously make everyday, and in the end when everyday and everyone finds are at this fundamental truths of life, what they will say about it. They often will not think of these choices, but will look back at their lives and remember only how it truly mattered to them. This is how the mind works in the regard of the lies and truths we allow. The sad truth that may be the only one that we recognize is only found when you realize that you are waking up everyday and following that which you have put your heart towards. Never mind, whose heart you may think you have, or what causes you to find fortitude or to stay humble in your personhood. It is truly something, however, when you find a way that leaves the world a better place than how you originally found yourself here. This mentality isn’t something people will find easy, find a pleasure in, or even just something to do with your time. It is a manifesation that becomes something greater than even the cause you are fighting for. If you’ve found something more than heart’s direction, a hollow lie, your honest truth, or anything else in between…you can be more than someone who believes that an injustice needs to be changed. You have created a complex that creates you, and guides your life. This could be more than something to do with your faith, or your mission, but you have thought more authentically and the strength that encompasses that is how people can come to change the world.

Standing Rock is in great need, and this is a time that thousands of people are trying to change one injustice in the world. Especially keeping in mind the profoundly stubborn who don’t see through to the future possibilities. The possibilities that will change everything, and hopefully ending the making of companies that profit off of the depletion of our planet. Standing Rock represents the Native American tribes who understood this earth better than we even have hoped it to become upon the origins when we came to settle here. We still refuse to listen to them, and we are blind to what we are doing, and what will happen to our grandchildren’s children. We will continue to make the unconscious choices…but here, right now, at this juncture we find ourselves something that has a sense of purity that we have not seen in much in the industrial age of men. We have a chance to make this stand for something, for Standing Rock to be a beacon of hope in our future. It shows that we are not mindless to the rest of the world, we are here standing together, and we hear everyone’s hearts, and that there is a bold, and bright future for us with sustainable energy. This future will bring upon so much new growth to humanity, how we chose to flourish as a nation, and finally how human beings can change the world to be better than they found it.

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