My Angel

I remember when you were a phone

call away.

I remember how I used to make you laugh.

I remember sitting on your lap and listening to your stories.

I loved the way your wrinkles shaped your face.

I loved the way your soft skin felt when I kissed your cheek.

I loved the way your hands felt when they held mine.

I still wake up, wanting to talk to you

Now, you’re up there

Next to Him, — your wish came true

Above me, watching and warning me

You appear in my dreams..


letting me know, you are still here..

for me.

You warned me that day.

You saved my life that day.

I remember dreaming I was in a dark space, trapped. No one around. I panicked until I was able to get out. I remember it was pitch black, I couldn’t understand what was happening. There were no cars around. Everything around me was silent. I was able to think of several ideas on how to get help and get out.

So when my dream met reality ….

I remember …

Screaming, as the car flipped, everything was dark. Just like you warned me. I held her hand. She screamed for me. I screamed for her. Then the car stopped moving. Everything was dark and silent. I did not fear. I knew you were looking after me.

I opened my eyes, as if I was just waking up from my dream.

I made sure She was okay.

I responded fast.

(everything came naturally)

I unbuckled my seatbelt.

The car was upside down.

(that didn’t stop me)

I put one leg out, the right leg followed.

I asked for help

(I didn’t need it)

You gave me courage.

She was on the opposite side.

A little bruised.

She feared feared. We were one.

I got her out

A man in a black hoodie and dark jeans helped me carry her to the grass on the opposite side of the street. She was in shock.

It was eleven at night.

We sat there. I held her.

She trembled. I held her. I felt like a mother holding her child. Our roles were exchanged.

A lady approached me, she asked if we needed anything.

I responded, “ No, I’m okay. But she’s not. She’s experiencing a trauma.”

The lady told me everything will be okay. Help was on its way.

The lady then asked, “Do y’all believe in God?”

I didn’t hesitate to say, “YES”

We held hands,

(a complete stranger and I )

We prayed.

I knew you were watching me.

You were there.

I felt you.

Cynthia Morraz

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