I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

My general response to the argument of this article is… but why? I have exactly… 6 trans friends. And that’s definitely only because I’m a lesbian. Living in New York, with 8 million neighbors, I see maybe 2 trans women a week? I can only assume you know a lot, A LOT, of trans women for you to be having this many problems with them. Unless all of these problems are online in which case… go outside. Literally. If you want cis women only spaces, do the work of gathering some women together and forming a hang out group. I’m 100% sure that there will not be trans women pressing their faces to the windows! Like what world do you live in where trans people are creating all these problems for you?? Is this really just an internet problem? Because if so making a statement like the trans movement is becoming a movement that oppresses women… is just totally unfounded. Maybe online, MAYBE, ok, I’m admittedly not reading these forums. But out here in the real world, where fatal violence against trans women is increasing at practically the same rate they’re gaining rights and media attention, I simply do not have time for you. Do you have any trans friends? Where are trans women campaigning for legislation to stop using the word “mother”? Further, as an infertile woman, how dare any woman not empathize with a trans woman who can’t give birth? Trans women ARE women, women who were born into a body that just won’t let them express that! That is painful and traumatic. For the record more traumatic than puberty but it really isn’t about which is worse. In short. Go OUTSIDE. Meet some trans people. Or meet some different trans people than the ones you’re friends with. Because trans people are just trying to live their fucking lives and not get fired from their jobs or disowned by their families or murdered by their sex partners or fucking SHAT ON and shoved aside by women with fucking made up problems about female premises in real life or the internet. Get the fuck over yourself.

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