We’re At Mile 1

Cynthia McCabe
Jan 28, 2017 · 2 min read

Today was an abysmal one for American values. Trump’s executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven countries that don’t look white enough for his taste is a disgusting low mark for our country. More children like Alan Kurdi will die as a result. This follows a punishing six days — the first of the Trump administration — in which much of what we were told not to take literally during his campaign became reality, immediately.

The onslaught is deliberate. You are not losing your mind that it seems overwhelming and insurmountable, or that the news is almost impossible to keep up with. That is by design.

You will not fix this problem in one day. You will not solve this problem tonight. It is a marathon and we are crossing the 1-mile mark together right now.

Tomorrow, think about what issue you most want to tackle. Will you fight to save the lives of refugees, and defend immigrants? Will you stand and defend Planned Parenthood and our rights as women to make medical decisions about our own bodies? Will you fight for your right to come together with your coworkers in a union and strengthen your community and make it safer? Will you defend the right of every American to cast their vote when they come to purge the voter rolls of people of color? Will you work to demand the citizens of Flint get safe drinking water? Will you be a vocal proponent of science and natural resources?

Think this weekend about what your thing is going to be. Build your rapid response team of five or more friends, family, or neighbors that you can reach out to when it’s time to call Congress, or march on our statehouses, city halls, and the White House.

We know how to eat an elephant. We eat it one bite at a time.


Cynthia McCabe

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