Are You Willing to Look One More Time?

What is the ONE area in your life that makes you cringe? That one area that you have completely given up on? You had big goals and dreams for this area but instead of manifesting as you had hoped things went the opposite direction causing your faith to cower. Have you given up on sharing your life with someone because of so many failed relationships? Maybe its money — do you feel like you just don’t have enough? Have you tucked away pictures of your dream house because your credit sucks and you can’t see the way to it? You want a new career but settle for a high stressful yet low paying job because you lack confidence to go after what you really want. Have you tried every diet and workout plan but the pounds just won’t go away? Does your marriage feel more like a prison sentence rather than a loving partnership?

Are you willing to look one more time at the area in your life you have pushed aside or try to ignore because it is too painful to look at? You feel hopeless and dread talking about it because you feel shameful, disappointed and really annoyed but are you willing to look at it one more time?

I am personally inviting you to my life-changing vision board party “Life Makeover: Booming, Blossoming & Birthing a Better Life”. This is more than a vision board party, it’s a healing session also. We are going to shine the light of hope on these areas and reunite your heart with anticipation & child like joy.

Hear me and hear me well, “You cannot have what you are unwilling to face.”

Creating a vision board opens you up to the possibilities that are all around you. A vision board is a pictured prayer that you graciously give to God. This one simple act opens you up for the very thing or things you’re desiring — taking the time to create a vision board reconnects you to hope. The whole process of selecting images and phrases that capture the essence of what you desire to have, be and do is magical because like I said, it opens your heart & mind up to the endless possibilities.

God wants to do something radical & special just for you, be willing to revisit the area(s) in your life you have mentally, emotionally & spiritually “thrown in the towel”. Others don’t see it, but you and God know. That once hopeful and zealous place is now a sore spot you’d rather avoid. God wants it to become the place that makes you feel good about again.

I encourage you to get tickets to my vision board party, “Life Makeover: Booming, Blossoming & Birthing a Better Life” Saturday May 6, 2017 from 3–7 pm. This is more than a vision board party, the activities will support you with breaking down blocks & barriers, identifying and igniting your inner strength, and transform thinking into one that is more hopeful & positive. You will leave encouraged & empowered!

There are three self-investment options: General ticket, Golden ticket & Platinum ticket.

·General ticket — includes vision board supplies, 1 raffle ticket, sandwich buffet and my vision board toolkit.

· Golden ticket — ($40 savings) includes GA (general admission perks) plus two passes to one of my webinars (“RISE & WIN Success Strategies for BIG Results” & “End Self-Sabotage: Reclaiming Personal Power”.)

· Platinum ticket — ($90 savings) includes both GA & GT perks PLUS a 60 min. “From Powerless to Powerful” Spiritual consultation.

Whichever self-investment option you choose, rest assured your life will never be the same after my “Life Makeover” vision board party!

It is now time for you to prosper, succeed and thrive! You are at the dawning of a new day, why not go all the way and get tickets to the “Life Makeover” Vision Board Party! It’s time you start booming, blossoming and birthing a better life experience!

Get your tickets today!

Until next time, MAKE it a great day!