Sit Down & Shut Up!

Cynthia Newell
Jul 13, 2016 · 3 min read
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For anyone trying to do anything greater than what they’re currently doing — build a business, write a book, have a better marriage, go back to school, become new and improved — thoughts of doubt will certainly arise and try to convince you that you are not deserving to have, be or do what you truly desire. It is a given, feelings of uncertainty will surface and questions like, “Who do I think I am to want to do, have or be this?” Sometimes these thoughts and feelings can catch you off guard especially if you’re operating on auto pilot; they can cause you to become immersed in fear so much so that you don’t take action.

Because these thoughts can be quite aggressive your response has to be just as forceful. Being a dreamer since an early age I am no stranger to being browbeaten by thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. However, through the years I have adapted the “Sit down & shut up” response. This effective practice when paired with a mind made up to succeed, courage and taking divinely inspired action steps has helped me to accomplish and acquire some pretty amazing things in my life.

Faith outweighs facts.

Nothing about faith is logic. So when I bought my dream house a few years back with no money down, not the best credit and in a short time frame, it was evident that faith was the driving force. My family and I were living on the south side in a two bedroom townhouse that we were quickly outgrowing. The vision for my life included living in a larger space and a nicer neighborhood with better school; my vision was to reside in a 3 bedroom home with finished basement, eat in kitchen, fireplace and hardwood floors. After giving birth to my second daughter, my desire to move into this space grew stronger.

Having never purchased a home, I really didn’t know where to begin, so I prayed. Prayer is a powerful tool that provides direction & clarity. About a month into praying, a minister at my church mentioned he was getting married and selling his home. Something inside leaped and nudged me to ask to see the place. My husband was reluctant, he didn’t have the same vision for our family that I had, nonetheless, we saw the home, and it had everything in it that I had prayed for. I asked God for the home fully aware of the facts — we had no savings, poor credit and limited funds to move. After telling the minister we wanted to buy the home, he said he’d get back to me in a few days. A couple days later he informed us that we could move in and pay only $350 for the first three months, which was $500 less than the actual house payment and was extremely lower than what we were currently paying for the townhouse! This gave us enough time to save and clear up some debts. Now had listened to the contradicting thoughts in my head, I would have been talked right out of this blessing.

Try it today.

Think of a current situation or change you are presently making in your life, identify the thoughts and feelings that are trying to intimidate you and make you second guess your strengths, abilities and capacity to have, be and do it. Now, tell those opposing thoughts to “Sit down & shut up”, but don’t stop there! Identify an action you can perform today that will move you closer to manifesting what you desire. The more you practice not allowing limiting thoughts to stop your progress, the more natural it becomes, before you know it, your normal response is to shut those negative thoughts down and you’ll notice that it starts to be your first response instead of your last.

So, the next time your thoughts try to talk you out of moving in the direction of your dreams & big vision, tell them boldly and unapologetically to
“Sit down & shut up!”. ©2016

Until next time, make it a great day!

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