Cynthia Spalding is a Diligent Attorney Having More Than 2 Decades of Experience inWorkers’ Comp Disability Cases

Cynthia Spalding is a proficient Attorney, who has successfully handled Workers’ Compensation Disability Cases. She is the Managing Partner of a well-known law firm, Spalding & Spalding. She has over 2 decades of experience in handling cases related to Workers’ Compensation Disability.She along with her knowledgeable attorneys have been helping the people in obtaining the compensation they rightfully deserve. Any client who has been injured due to the recklessness of others or any business, she will fight for every penny they deserve.

She knows that most people spend many hours at work, so it is uncommon to experience illnesses or injuries during working hours. Being an aggressive lawyer, she takes stand and full authority of the client who has been suffering from the above-mentioned reasons. She is a dedicated and fully determined lawyer, and is not afraid to take on big insurance companies, and businesses.
Cynthia Spalding knows that the workplace illnesses are tough to prove, she works day and night for her client’s case. She provides hands on legal representation to the people who are struggling from a wide range of injuries or hardships.When you visit her law firm, she will guide you through the entire claim process, whether you are dealing with the following:

  • Social Security Disability
  • Workers’ Compensation Disability
  • Bankruptcy cases

Cynthia Spalding is known for her diligence, integrity, and her preparation follows negotiations, and court proceedings.She has successfully helped numerous clients by helping them recover in every front. Her professional association includes American Bankruptcy Institute, California Applicant Attorney Association, State Bar of California, Admitted to Practice Bankruptcy in State and Federal Courts, Admitted to practice Law in State and Federal Courts, and Admitted to Practice Social Security in Federal and State Courts.

Over the years, she has gained much popularity and a good clientele base; For Workers’ Compensation: Applicant’s attorney in excess of 750 clients, Bankruptcy in excess of 200 clients, and Social Security Administration: Represented in excess of 200 clients. To know more about her services, feel free to visit