Making Use of SMS capabilities in a Contact Center

Communication methods have metamorphosed from the times of payphones to the contemporary world where you can place calls/texts on a whim. Consumer needs and preferences are rising each dawn, and as contact centers scramble to augment newer communication technologies into their businesses, they forget the rudimentary additive to their centers. The SMS messaging. Chances of prospects picking up calls are slim, but it would only take a few seconds for one to dabble through a short and informative text.

Businesses are using efficient marketing techniques and the results oozing out of their marketing funnels are great. Hundreds of leads are generated but how many are they converted? Managers are looking for ways in which they communicate with prospects without sounding intrusive so that they reduce the churning rates. One way to keep your customers and prospects informed is through SMSs.

Why should you include an SMS integration to your contact center systems?

· It’s cheaper than voice calls — take a look at our price plans here

· Easy to manage and texts don’t consume much of your valuable cloud storage

· It’s a way of gathering the needs of prospects who might feel calls are a bother or intrusive

· SMSs can seamlessly integrate with existing omnichannel integrations

· Text messaging brings together information on online chats, emails, and mobile

· 2014, Harris Poll report indicates that 65% of customers prefer texting your business while 44% confessed they would rather begin a text conversation instead of being put on-hold.

· The same report adds that 81% of consumers detest waiting in line to be served by a contact center rep

SMSs Integrate Effortlessly with Most Contact Center Solutions

Every contact center would like a system adored by their customers. SMS texts assimilate well with chats made with customers on social media, forums and the organization’s site. Customers would effortlessly switch from online chats to SMS chats allowing customers to interact with agents in any place, anytime.

The data obtained from texts can be channeled to CRM and other data analytics software. Also, call center capabilities such as IVR and routing that are often used in voice calls can support text messages with ease. Texts are part of the inbound solutions that allow chats and voice calls to be managed via a single desktop interface.

The surge in call center volumes chokes businesses with fewer agents leading to bad customer experience. Introducing inbound/outbound texts is a way of reducing queue lengths because quite a number of customers will get the help they need without having to call. As experts and researchers in the field of customer service, we recommend chats because it takes a half the time of voice calls and costs just a fraction of the cost of calls.

Use CRM data to anticipate the kind of questions and customers may need at a particular time. Then prepare texts and send to them highlighting their concerns: and they’ll be like, how did they know we just needed this? It’s about being proactive and placing yourself in the mind of your prospects.

Easy access to information and a flawless communication system can make clients fall in love with your brand. As Nectar Desk, we can assist you in developing a reliable and efficient contact center where SMS messaging is part of your omnichannel system. We serve both small and corporate sectors. Contact us below for free support.