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Recently I was tasked at my work to do some research on “Everything App” trend that has been going on since quite a while. The first example that came to my mind was WeChat and I immediately became very curious about how they did it because I never looked towards that app with a technical perspective. This also made me think of other similar and different efforts by other companies such as Facebook who broke Messenger from the Facebook app and Google Drive. So, here’s what I found out from my research:

What is Everything App?

Basically, an app or suite of similar looking apps which combines multiple features under one user interface making it feel to the user that all those features are part of one big app. Such an application or suite of applications make it easy for users to do tasks that they would generally use multiple apps. They can also be called “Super Apps”. The idea might have originated from Swiss Army Knife which is a multipurpose knife housing multiple tools in a folding design. …

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I graduated from DePaul University few weeks ago with a Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction and you know, since I’ve learned a lot about UX and still learning, I can now spot UX problems in a snap! And, since I graduated, I was looking for jobs, going through various job portals and applying. After applying to 10–15 jobs each day, I started to lose interest, not because I was applying to so many jobs each day, but because I was frustrated of job portals being so inefficient.

To all the candidates looking for UX jobs, we’ve all been to those job portal websites which make us cringe. I mean, it’s literally the basic UX principles they are violating and passing the harder ones. Such big, amazing companies that you wish that you would work for, have so bad job portals that you would think like you’re dealing with some frustrated front-desk personnel. But, it’s not actually, the company’s fault, most of the times because of one reason: 3rd-party services. …

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Before I begin, I would like to thank my friend Stefan to help me shape this article and suggest some very important things to add, without his help this article would look very different. So, thank you Stefan!

A couple of my friends were recent victims of Privacy Breach, Data Theft and other cyber-related terms, via Facebook. On both occasions I was also approached by the attacker (maybe to send out their private data or to do the same with me) on Facebook via a Friend request but I did not accept. However, that did not stop those people from trying to sabotage my friends’ lives. In one case, they almost succeeded, but our swift reactions helped minimize the damage. I have always been interested in Cyber Security and I would like to share the knowledge that I have acquired. One thing that you should know is, even if you think that you’re invaluable in the world of billionaires, you’re still hackable. …

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Few hours ago, I was reading about LipNet. I bet you’d be wondering what the heck is this “LipNet”? Is it some sort of ‘Internet on your Lips’? No! 😄 Let me release some air here. LipNet is a spectacular neural network Lip Reader Artificial Intelligence system, designed by folks from Oxford University and Google DeepMind. The reason it’s mentioned here is because it can read the lips with 95.2% accuracy at sentence level compared to 86.4% of the humans. Now, this might have made you angry because this is yet another task which seemed pretty impossible to be taken over by AI but it did! And, for the folks who are deep into AI, it might be an old news because the research paper was published back in December 2016. You can read more about LipNet here: …

Since the end of 2017, I’m getting a lot of requests from upcoming students to DePaul about the courses taught here, specifically HCI. That’s exciting and I’m glad to answer all their queries but why should I write the same thing over and over? So I thought, why not make a blog post that anybody can read and refer to! So, without a further ado, let’s look have an overview of the DePaul University. For the purpose of reference, I’ll use the course which I’m doing: MS in Human-Computer Interaction. …

It’s 29th December 2017 here in Chicago and it’s my second day since my return from trip back to my home: India. It was such a wonderful time and now I’m missing home so much, more than the first time I came here (It’s my second time though). So I thought I should write something about my experience back home. To me, the experience is very personal and I don’t care what you — ‘the reader’ think about it. I just felt that I should write so I’m writing. …

When are you going to settle in the United States?”. This question is asked to me by every relative and friend, every-time I talk to them and it intrigues me that why people just want to fly away from their motherland and get alienated in a foreign nation. This gave me this question to ask myself and every immigrant:

How does it feel to lose Nationality?

And, it’s not just this question, there are many other questions which are anchored to it, like “Was your motive of coming here to get settled?”, “If you eventually settle here, what would you call yourself: Indian American or just American?”, “What about this…?” and “What about that…?”. I ask these questions to myself every single day! Before coming to the United States everyone said to me that once I’m here, I would like this country so much that I won’t ever come back! Just like millions of other emigrants who stayed. …

I recently got an email from Amazon to review my Raspberry Pi 3’s purchase. You know, those promotional emails that sometimes convince you to write some words for your recent purchase. And I did write, actually finished writing a half-page review with nothing in it! And, then I thought, why not show every ‘Noob’ out there to set-up their own Raspberry Pi with their TVs, from installation to configuration and recommended addons.

Enough of this chit-chat! Let’s do this!!

It’s going to be veeeery long… I’m telling you!

First things first, what you will need (Primary):

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Get it from here: )

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A few days back another smartphone of mine died, a phone from Taiwanese company ‘Asus’, manufactured in China. Now I’ve to search for a new and better phone in the same price bracket. Frankly, I was annoyed since a few months due to storage issues and wanted a new phone because the phone came with a lot of bloatware that could not be removed without rooting the phone, installing Custom ROM and blah blah blah. Now as I’m searching for a new phone, I can see how the Chinese manufacturers have intruded the market in every price sector. Though there is no denial that almost all of the smartphones are manufactured in China and “Make In India” seems, perhaps is, just a ‘Fairy Tale’. What I know about this is that manufactured parts are imported from China and then smartphone manufacturers assemble them in India. …


Yogesh Singh

UX Designer at ALSAC — St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Interaction design, Photography and lots of experiments.

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