I was sitting with my bro when I read this, and asked him “Why does it bug men when women find…
Emma Lindsay

I have a female friend, and we often commiserate about what we call “rich-kid” problems. She is extremely attractive. Men, women, even straight women hit on her. Her social schedule can be filled past bursting, so long as she doesn’t mind everyone trying to fuck her. She laments that she can’t just have a friendship. I, on the other hand, am a pretty stereotypical smart guy. I’ve never had trouble making money, or figuring out a solution to a problem. But, I’m not good at small talk. I hit all the forbidden cocktail party topics, race, religion, and politics. Throw in ground breaking science, and social analysis through consumption of art, and you have pretty much my entire conversational spectrum. Because I can’t relate to many people, they can’t relate to me. So, there is never really that spark that leads to attraction. Heck, I just don’t come across as very fun. So, I don’t tend to get invited to things. I lament at never feeling desired. Everyone wants me around to help solve their problems, or educate them. But never as an object of desire. I think this is why many men get angry about having their advances rebuffed. Ultimately, we don’t feel desirable. Pop culture ridicules traditionally male pass times, and habits. Any advance a man makes is seen as just an attempt to have sex. Never as an ernest expression of emotional attraction. So many men feel that they have to prove, somehow, that they are actually emotionally invested. And have to be very careful to bring up sex, or leave it up to the woman. Which leaves us feeling powerless.

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