Critical thinking question 1:

Why doesn’t Facebook do the same?

Youtube Partner Program provides a win-win-win situation for Youtube company, viewers and content generators. That’s why people are wondering why Facebook doesn’t follow this program.

We can see that Facebook and Youtube are actually two different types of social media. For Youtube, people mainly share via videos. Even for the advertisements, they are played before the videos start. For Facebook, it has more functions than Youtube, for instance, users can comment, upload photos or videos, create groups, check in or play games. It is possible to say that Facebook does provide more methods for users to express their feeling or enjoy with the entertainment. For advertisements, they only appear on the right hand side of the Facebook page. As Facebook and Youtube have different functions for the users, it may not be good for Facebook to follow the Youtube Partner Program.

Critical thinking question 2:

Why Youtube go against the trend?

Nowadays, many media are going to the UGC trend while Youtube go against the trend. Most of the time, the UGC side is the safer side. Although Youtube go against the trend, it is actually between the paid staff and volunteers. It is important for Youtube to have paid staff as it is kind of encouragement for the users to upload some interesting videos so as to attract more users to watch or subscribe their channels. When people get paid after they have upload the videos, they will be more eager to upload more videos. The increase in quantity of videos can help increase profit and gain more attention. At the same time, it is necessary to have volunteers as some of the users only watch videos and comment instead of uploading videos. Having paid staff and volunteers, Youtube can earn the most profit.