You have a home with Cypherglass!

We’ve been supporting dApps since we started; however a few receive important infrastructure support from us to run on EOS. MonsterEOS is one of those, and we have officially announced our support here:

Cypherglass has built an organization based on integrity and transparency. We have also built an infrastructure that can support decentralized apps on the EOS blockchain. Our goal is to provide and support Dapps to the public that support mainstream adoption of EOS, and the broader Blockchain industry.

This comes from a belief that supporting Dapps will be as important as building them, and that they are integral to the growth and adoption of EOS. We will continue to announce additional partnership projects as we help to build the EOS dApp community. Please contact Cypherglass if you would like to partner with us on your dApp.

— The Cypherglass Team

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