As always, this is a reformatted, spell checked, etc version of a twitter thread.

I miss doing #CoffeeWithCypher streams. But I just don’t have the strength to deal with the fuckery that comes from the “Just Chatting” category. It’s disheartening & heartbreaking to deal with the foolishness that comes with being in that category. Much as I hate saying it, dealing with that stalker has me put off doing streams in that category.

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A very sad Sim Fenris, to illustrate my point

Feeling anxious anytime you decide to go live in that category, not knowing what fuckery could jump off? Makes even the “strongest” person skittish.I put strongest in quotes since folks assign being strong, tough, a hardened queen to black women in particular. …

I’m also full of feels about today when I remembered what today marks. It’s four years since I got canned at IIT, that I set off on this wild journey of doing INDG full time, becoming more of a public speaker, streamer and full time diversity advocate. I’m … burnt out though. It’s been four years of (mostly) scraping by, feeling discouraged about 70% of the time I do this work. Of frustration over the way people assume fame because of a high follower count and who you know/associate with just comes with the territory.

It’s been weird cause I am the most introvert of introvert people on a good day since I no longer have to go into an office or report up a chain to someone else. I’ve also failed, a lot both personally and professionally. My mental health is probably worse for wear, scratch that. I know it’s worse than when I left that campus four years ago with two bags, hopped in a cab and cried most of the way home. …

This thread happened mid flight cause I was super irritated by the guy next to me and not being able to sleep as I usually do. Also due to some things that happened at Unplugged and at many, many panels I have been on before. Original twitter thread here, what follows is a slightly edited and cleaned up for typos version in blog format.

On being a good panelist

First off, let’s talk about how much space you take as a panelist. I was on a couple panels where people talked a lot, and took up a lot of space. As a panelist, you should be cognizant of how much you are talking. …


Tanya DePass

I Need Diverse Games Founder, cast Rivals of Waterdeep, games critic, diversity consultant, freelance games journalist & public speaker.

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